Silbercard Summer

Guest Card with free offers
The eventful SILBERcard programme brings you closer to the nature and culture of the Karwendel Silver Region. You will ­receive this guest card from your host when you arrive. In addition to the free participation in the programme, many of the region’s places of interest grant discounts, and busses can be used free of charge within the Karwendel Silver Region.

10:00: Nordic Walking tour for beginners to Tratzberg Castle with diploma-qualified wellness & fitness trainer Edith, who will introduce you to proper movement sequences and walking stick technique.  Meeting place: Stans information office. Registration at: +43(0)5242/6909-3860 

16:00: Mystical Wolfsklamm gorge hike
Experience a fascinating hike through the Wolfsklamm gorge. At special energy sites we will inspire exercises so that you can perceive yourself in harmony with nature. Meeting place: Stans information office; registration at: +43(0)5242/6909-3860

10:00: Smovey Walking
Enjoy diversified walking training for the entire body. Thanks to the special “Smovey Swinging Aids” we can arrange a particularly effective outdoor stamina and strength training programme. Meeting place: Stans information office; registration at: +43(0)5242/6909-3860 

16:00: Sociable e-bike tour through the villages of the Karwendel Silver Region. With an experienced bike guide you will travel via bike paths and get to know the countryside and people while doing so. Please take the e-bike from your host or rent it at Hotel Schwarzbrunn for a € 10 service charge. Meeting place: Stans information ­office; registration at: +43(0)5242/6909-3860

20:30: Romantic lantern hike through Stans: 
Walk through the village of Stans, accompanied by the warming light of lanterns. Meeting place: Stans information office. Duration: approx. 1 hour; registration at:  +43(0)5242/6909-3860

Excursion trip to the natural monument “Große Ahornboden” (bus)
The bus starts at 08:35 in Weer, 08:40 in Pill, 08:45 in Schwaz (Kellerjoch lift), 08:50 in Vomp (Baumax), 08:55 in Stans and 09:00 in Jenbach (parish church). The bus trip leads past Achensee and the Sylvensteinspeichersee reservoir and into the Karwendel Alpine Park through the Riss Valley. After a brief stop at the new information centre in Hinterriss, the trip continues to the end of the valley, which features the Große Ahornboden and the Engalm. Directly after arrival you can hike leisurely to Binsalm with our hiking guide, or visit the alpine village and the cheese factory. The bus returns at approx. 15:30. Registration is requested by 12:00 Monday in the tourism office: +43(0)5242/63240

20:30: Romantic lantern hike to historic Rablhaus at Weerberg
This leisurely evening hike with a view of the sea of lights in the Inn River Valley leads to the history-charged Rablhaus museum that opens its gates just for you today! Meeting place: Gasthof Schwannerwirt at Weerberg. Registration until 12:00 at: +43(0)5242/63240

Visit the Weißlahn Leisure Centre, Terfens:  
Enjoy a day while swimming, on the large playground for families, the amusing water playground for children and the beach volleyball court.

16:30: E-bike tour with an experienced bike guide via Heuberg to the St. Georgenberg pilgrimage site. Please take the e-bike from your host or rent it at Hotel Schwarzbrunn for a € 10 service charge. Meeting place: Stans information office; registration at: +43(0)5242/6909-3860

16:00 – 19:00: Tour the gallery at Rabalderhaus
Selected works featuring painting, sculpture and artisan craftwork from natives of Schwaz or artisans active in and around Schwaz as well as current special exhibitions. More information is available at +43(0)5242-64208. No registration is necessary

14:00 – 18:00: Museum of  Art and Ethnography
Free admission to the Museum of Art and Ethnography, which presents unique exhibits from various world cultures, especially from Africa and Asia, in its new premises with an area of 1,000 m². Alternating ­special exhibitions regarding the theme of non-European art and cultures complement the museum’s intercultural flair. More information is available at +43(0)5242-64208. No registration is necessary.

10:00–16:00: Tour of Burg Freundsberg, Schwaz.
The historical course of the Silver town can be seen in the old ruins. From the tower there is a magnificent view of the town. Please register for the children’s tour at 14:00; +43 (0)5242/65129




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