Skiing in Stans

‘Out the door, strap on your skis and away you go’ – with this motto in mind in Stans, in the ski oasis in the middle of the village you get to enjoy the most beautiful days of the year. Since winter 2009 state-of-the-art snow-making facilities have ensured that from mid-December to spring, the ski lift is sure to be in use. The committed operations manager and her team ensure that the piste is always very well prepared – and if Mother Holle leaves us in the lurch, well fortunately that won’t be a problem in Stans!

The lift is a nice access aid for ‘beginner skiers’ (young and old!) and also provides older local children, teenagers and adults the chance to spend a few hours on the piste, without having to spend ages getting there.

For very small children there are two conveyors beneath the lift so they can enjoy their first ‘steps’ on the snow. A little ‘ski hut’ provides skiers with the option of reenergising themselves with warm drinks and snacks.

The new HOTZONE.TV Snowpark Stans provides a majestic set-up with straight box (6m), rainbow box (8m), straight rail (8m) and an A-Frame box (9m). A 15 metre rollercoaster box, jib-pipeline (6m), a wallride and two large kickers with a table up to 13 metres put the finishing touches to this unique installation. The Easy Line, which has two kickers from a 5-8m table, and different kids boxes provide the perfect playground for all talented freestylers.

There are countless lines to choose from; boredom just isn’t an option. Just to make sure, at the bottom a Wall Ride has been built to make the run perfect. Even the littlest children have been considered and talented ‘shredders’ can let off steam on special children's boxes and learn their tricks. The new HOTZONE.TV Snowpark Stans is well worth a visit!

Night-time skiing in Stans
When it gets dark, the fun on Stans pistes continues (2x week) with night-time skiing. And so each turn is just right, the moon and the stars get a helping hand from the floodlit facilities.

Skilift Stans, Travel Europe, Unterdorf 37a, 6135 Stans


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